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Important disclaimer and warning

From the “ModernTal” company for aluminum façades regarding the stolen and counterfeit sectors of its own sectors in the field of curtain wall / structure glazing, which is known as the [ModernTal Omega Structure] system.

# As the [ModernTal] Aluminum Company is the first company at the local and international level that designed and innovated the idea of ​​[the Omega Structure sector] and this is proven with certainty under the registration of the industrial property model with a number, as well as under the registration of the same model under the patent No. 565100 of the year 2007 in the Academy Scientific research and the international pct, as well as in the Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia, at the King Abdulaziz Academy for Science and Technology, number 909 for the year 2009

ModernTal Company warns of the danger of using counterfeit sectors

These sectors are imitated in terms of idea and shape only …. and without any scientific basis or constructional calculations …. and all the interfaces in which these sectors will be used will be unsafe as the flange of the sector on which the glass is attached will always be susceptible to damage because it Not safe to carry loads on them.

Modern Tal

One of the leading companies for aluminum curtain wall / structure glazing
And all aluminum works

  • Modern Tal is one of the first companies specialized in this field …. An Egyptian company founded in 1988.
  • Modern Tal sectors are internationally and internationally accredited by the Academic Research Academy and the International p.c.t number 100565 for the year 2007
  • Modern Tal sectors are accredited in the Gulf and Saudi Arabia countries at the King Abdulaziz Academy for Science and Technology No. 408290209 for the year 2004 and executed by major projects.
  • Modern Tal sectors also used in major projects in the armed forces, and Mimar El Morshedy and its implementation of major projects in them.

We have two systems of structure glazing


System One

Between the glass with the material of silica and silicon [according to the choice and desire of the customer].

System Two

Spacers, aluminum cover of the same architectural shape Sika and silicon [according to the customer’s choice and desire]

Achieving the required equation

Superior technical quality according to construction calculations – unbeatable prices less than 25%.

Structure Glazing (1)

The first system

Architectural style

Spacers are within 2 cm

Structure Glazing (2)

The second system

Architectural style

Spacers are within 2 cm

Curtain Wall

Spacers are within 5 cm

Other Services

Windows and aluminum doors


Revolving Doors

Cladding coverage